Man Allegedly Posed As Officer To Cut Fast-Food Line

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CBS News – A West Texas man is charged with impersonating an officer — complete with sirens and flashing lights — so he could skip to the head of the drive-thru line at a fast-food restaurant.

Hunger can make people a little crazy, huh?

Odessa police say Michael Chico was arrested after an off-duty officer spotted a truck with law-enforcement trappings. Cpl. Steve LeSueur says Chico’s vehicle looked like an unmarked police vehicle.

The officer who saw the truck cut in line Saturday initially thought the driver, who was wearing a uniform, was a volunteer firefighter and followed Chico to some apartments.

LeSueur says that when confronted, Chico admitted he wasn’t an officer and said he also used the lights and sirens to get through traffic lights.

Chico was freed Sunday on $15,000 bond.