Siloam Springs Starts Taking Calls At New Dispatch Center

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SILOAM SPRINGS (KFSM)- The Siloam Springs Police Department traded in the old for the new Tuesday (March 31), when they launched their new 911 dispatch center.

"It's all brand new equipment, from the chair to the microphone, the computer equipment is new, the servers are new, radio equipment, the consoles and the desks are brand new," Capt. Bryan Austin said.

Austin, the director of emergency management, said dispatchers now have one wireless headset for all radio, 911 and administrative calls. He said this allows them to be more efficient, when they are answering more than 175 calls a day. The desks also got an upgrade.

"One of the things about the console is they have a microbial countertop, on them so we are looking forward to see how that may work on our lost time," Austin said.

He said they launched the new system just in time for severe weather. The project had a deadline of March 31.

"I think we are going to be able to communicate better, with each other, with the units in the field and with the public with this new technology," he said

Austin said the upgraded technology cost around $400,000, and was paid for by a half-cent sales tax increase in 2013.