GOP Rivals Take Aim At Clinton

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(CNN)– Republican White House contenders are doing their best to capitalize on Hillary Clinton’s big day.

As she made her bid for the Democratic nomination official Sunday, GOP presidential contenders who have long made her a target were hard at work lambasting her candidacy.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush connected Clinton to what he called President Barack Obama’s damaging approach overseas and “failed big government policies” in a 49-second YouTube video prebutting Clinton’s announcement that aired first on CNN.

“It’s critical we change the direction our country is heading. We must do better than the Obama-Clinton foreign policy that has damaged relationships with our allies and emboldened our enemies — better than their failed big government policies that grow our debt and stand in the way of real economic growth and prosperity,” Bush said.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign asked its supporters to sign a petition opposing Clinton’s record, as Walker offered a series of tweets criticizing Clinton’s foreign policy as secretary of state and her campaign style.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, meanwhile, is going on the air in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada — four early-voting states in the nominating process — with a minute-long television ad attacking Clinton.

The ad calls Clinton’s candidacy “a path to the past — a road to yesterday, to a place we’ve been to before.”

“Hillary Clinton represents the worst of the Washington machine: The arrogance of power, corruption and coverup, conflicts of interest, and failed leadership with tragic consequences,” the female narrator says.

Paul also laid into Clinton’s tenure as Obama’s secretary of state during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

He wouldn’t name any positive accomplishments for the former first lady and New York senator during those four years.

And Paul said the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of donations from foreign countries like Saudi Arabia and Brunei “questions the sincerity of whether or not she would be a champion for women’s rights.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who said he’s “more likely than not” to run for president, said on CNN that for Clinton, it’s all about separating herself from Obama.

“If she can make a case that she’s different than him, then she’ll have a chance. If she can’t — game, set, match,” Graham said, using a tennis analogy.

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    • odinscharge

      Unfortunately, we don’t know where Rand Stands. He isn’t his father and is willing to say one thing and do another for votes. He has constantly changed his positions to more popular positions within his party. Before he was elected he talked about government conspiracies but as soon as he started running, he denied going on talk radio and saying it. Lately, he has talked about cutting the military budget and then voted to increase the budget. Within minutes he did interviews with three different news networks and gave three different answers about what America’s role should be in Syria, based on the networks viewers.

  • alexanderh76

    Hillary Clinton is a fraud. This BS about pitting the 1% (of which she is part) against the rest of us is a typical democrat party tactic of class war fare. She will use gender and race as well. For over 50 years the democrat party has been fighting the so-called War on Poverty of which they have done nothing to win. These groups they claim to fight for are still in the same economic class they’ve always been in. At what point does a democrat voter wake up and realize you are being played for a fool? At what point do you realize they are staying in power and getting richer off your ignorance?

  • arnold fudpucker

    The repubs need to unite against Billary. Pick you candidate quickly and don’t throw away your money battling each other. You think stalemate was bad under obumma, if Billary gets in we will see even more stalemate. The demoncrats have gotten us in to big trouble. It’s time to get ourselves out of trouble and Billary isn’t the answer.

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