Arkansas Escaped Murder Suspect Back In Custody

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HOT SPRING COUNTY (KTHV) — A suspected murderer is back behind bars after he escaped from the Hot Spring County Jail on Sunday night.

Detectives found 24-year-old Cornell Huell just after 10:30 Monday morning after a tip led them to an abandoned camper in Malvern.

According to the Hot Spring County Detention Center, Huell scaled a 20-foot fence and hopped a double layer of razor wire using a blanket before making it past the second one. It led police on a 14-hour manhunt that involved helicopters and infrared cameras.

“Well it was a shock, because he’s in my backyard. It really was a shock.”

It wasn’t the morning a nearby neighbor was expecting.

“And then he killed somebody? Yeah it made me nervous…it sure did.”

Detectives say there was pretty good chance Huell could’ve left the state because he has family in neighboring Texas, that is until they got a tip that led them to this abandoned trailer on the corner of Gail and Banks.