Report: Arkansas Rent Prices Up 25 Percent Since 2011

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) – Rent prices have risen by 25 percent in The Natural State since 2011, according to a new report from Arvest Bank.

The report also states that across the U.S. rent prices are rising, and the vacancy rate of rental units reached a 21-year low. As rent prices climb, more people said they are planning on buying their first home in 2015 than in previous years.

In 2014, 4.2 million people said they planned to purchase a house, but that number rose to 5.2 million in 2015, the report.



  • Lin Frank

    and yet we still have landlords from hell in NORTHWEST ARKANSAS…and until the governor of the state does anything about it…we will continue to see rising rents…it’s atrocious in fact OUTGOING Gov. Beebee said Arkansas landlords and they way they treat their tennants IS THE WORST IN THE COUNTRY chew on that NORTHWEST ARKANSAS

    • alexanderh76

      Please explain what the governor has to do with this. You need to look east and blame the liberal occupant of the White House. Wages are flat. No one is hiring because taxes are out of control. Too many regulations. No good paying jobs – only minimum wage. Over 90 million not working. Record numbers of unemployed and applicants for “disability.” Illegals rushing in and taking jobs and draining welfare funds. Approaching 19 trillion in debt. Again, what does a state governor who has only been in office 4 months have to do with high rent?

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