Exclusive Interview With Bret Bielema – Part 3

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In part three of our one-on-one interview with Arkansas coach Bret Bielema, he talks quarterback Brandon Allen and why the fifth year senior is ready to make the leap to become an elite SEC quarterback.

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Q: Having a fifth year senior at quarterback, you really can't put a price tag on that can you?

A: "My challenge to him is to be the best in the SEC. He's a 5th year quarterback whose a three year starter who has been around this game a long time. His dad was a coach here forever and still works on our staff so he's been around it, he understands it. A lot of good quarterbacks graduated a year ago and he returns and obviously brings a lot of really good qualities. I think the things he did poorly a year ago, he's going to try to do at his best and that's the constant pressure that we're going to put on him."

Q: There is a lot of pressure on Brandon Allen but is there any reason he shouldn't be a top two or three quarterback in this league. I know Dak Prescott is back at Mississippi State but is Brandon Allen right there at the top?

A: "He is. Obviously Dak had a great year ago and had a lot of really good players around him. As coaches we're going to give (Allen) all the tools that we can. The players rally around BA because they know he's got a lot invested in where he is today and I'd like for him to go out and have great a senior year as he can possibly have."

Q: What's it going to take for him to do that?

A: "Do the things a quarterback needs to do but also the great quarterbacks do something extra. Maybe they make best out of nothing. Maybe they have a play that's called on 3rd and 5 that's not there and he can adjust and scramble around and make something happen. I think the greatest indicator of quarterbacks who can maybe become championship level type guys have the ability to make something out of nothing."

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