“She’s Just Amazing,” LeFlore County Family Says After Child Dies Of Rare Cancer

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PANAMA (KFSM)- A six-year-old girl from Leflore County lost her battle with a rare form of bone cancer Tuesday (April 28).

Emma Mortenson was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a stage four bone cancer, on April 17, 2014.

"You would never know she had cancer," said her sister, Breana Clement. "She was very strong. She's just amazing. I don't know how else to explain her."

Mortenson died just after midnight Tuesday at Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.

"She's at peace now," Clement said. "She has no more tubes. She's happy, she's resting."

Mortenson was known throughout the entire community.

"They've lost a special little girl,” Leflore County Sheriff Rob Seale said. “She came down here to visit us a couple times. She was real outgoing, smiling, happy child, a big loss for the community."

The six-year-old went to school in Panama.

"She finally went to her pre-K teacher and said 'teacher tell my daddy my leg is hurts,'” teacher Debbie Barnes said. “They took her to the doctor [and] she was diagnosed with stage four osteosarcoma.”

Mortenson would have turned seven on October 14.

"No more tears. She told us that before when we all said our goodbyes to her, she said no more tears," Clement said.

Mortenson’s funeral will be held this Saturday.

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