Garrett’s Blog: 2015 Rain Totals

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The sunny streak we’re in this week is somewhat unusual for our area at the end of April & start of May.

Typically, this is the stormiest time of year.

So how is the year-to-date rainfall? And what is the outlook?

The rainfall totals are actually better than you might expect

  • Fayetteville
    • Year-to-date: 10.45″
    • Normal: 14.17″
    • Last year: 11.09″
    • Deficit 2015: -3.72″
  • Fort Smith
    • Year-to-date: 13.40″
    • Normal: 13.55″
    • Last year: 8.56″
    • Deficit 2015: -0.15″

Overall, rainfall has been near average and wetter than last year although in Northwest Arkansas we could still use a little bit more rain.

Image 25

The recent drought monitor reflect this, showing minimal drought conditions in Northwest Arkansas.


The precipitation outlook for the month of May shows drought improvement in western Oklahoma and Kansas with “Equal Chances” for precipitation locally that doesn’t favor wetter or drier weather. Likely a continuation¬†of our near normal trend.


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