Von Trapps Perform In Bentonville Film Festival

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) - The von Trapp family is performing Wednesday (May 6) evening at Bentonville High School with the choir and symphony students as part of the Bentonville Film Festival.

The great grandchildren of George von Trapp, who was portrayed in the Sound of Music, said their music is nothing like their grandparents used to sing.

"We're definitely not your typical band, we just kind of do what we love and it makes it a really fun time," Melanie von Trapp said.

The von Trapp quartet consists of siblings Amanda, Melanie, Sofi and August.

"We've been singing for about 14 years and our grandfather was portrayed as Curt in the Sound of Music, and he would teach us songs and we never really expected to start singing but we did and it's an amazing journey," Sofi said.

The group is performing at the Arend Arts Center Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. For one of their songs, they will be joined by the Bentonville choir and symphony. Melanie and Amanda told 5NEWS they had advice for aspiring singers.

"Just be yourself and know what you love and be confident with that, I think that will always shine through and make it a joyful experience," Melanie said.

"If you really love it, you'll find the path to be able to fulfill that dream, but everything starts with hard work," Amanda said.

The show has been sold out for weeks. Meg & Liz and the Symphony of NA will also be performing.