Police Arrest Two Clarksville Teens For Allegedly Robbing McDonald’s

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CLARKSVILLE (KFSM) - A manager at the McDonald's in Clarksville said he's beyond grateful to some customers who were in the drive-thru lane early Thursday morning (May 7th).

"We had people ordering their food and waiting in line to pick it up, when two men forced their way through the backdoor around 12:50 a.m.," Manager Jonathon Arredonvo said.

According to the Clarksville Police Department, 18-year-old Jaden Logan Richardson, of Clarksville and a juvenile, 16, of Clarksville were arrested in connection with the robbery.

According to the department, the two teens are being held on the charge of aggravated robbery. The investigation is ongoing.

Both suspects were  dressed head-to-toe in black outfits, were masked, and had a handgun, according to Arredonvo. They then began demanding cash from the register.

Arredonvo said there were three people inside the McDonald's at 1232 South Rogers Street at the time, including a manager and two other crew members. All of the customers were in the drive-thru lane because the lobby was not open and all doors were locked at that time.

One of the customers in the drive-thru lane was able to see what was happening and immediately called 911, Arredonvo said. He then said another driver also called 911, after realizing something wasn't right. Minutes later, several officers with Clarksville Police arrived on scene.  Arredonvo said the suspects had just left on foot with cash in hand at that time.

The people who were in the drive-thru stayed to talk with police, and reported that the two suspects split up after they left the facility. The customers told police both suspects were headed different directions into a nearby wooded area, Arredonvo said.

Officers have been searching the area since the robbery happened, Arredonvo said. At this time, neither suspect has been located, according to Arredonvo.

None of the employees or customers were harmed in the robbery, Arredonvo said.

The manager said this is the first robbery that has happened at the Clarksville McDonald's since they opened. He also said the store's General Manager will be on site later this morning to talk with employees about what happened.

Many locals said the town has been buzzing since the robbery.

"I just think it's crazy it's a really small town tight knit community," Jose Jimenze said. "It getting robbed it's just crazy mind blowing."

"To see it happen is just kind of crazy," Blake Nelson said.

The two were arrested on May 7, according to the department.

Richardson's bond is set at $200,000.






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  • Bob Real

    That is Crazy; Everyone knows McD’s doesn’t have much Money..
    You want Money Rob a Bank.. At least when You get caught You GET A FEDERAL HOTEL..

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