Garrett’s Blog: More Rain This Weekend

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Rain has moved out of the area for the next day or so before another round of rain affects us over the Memorial Day weekend. We should be mostly dry for the remainder of Wednesday and most of Thursday. Expect more rain on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a minimal severe weather risk.

Image 14

Rain totals in the last 48 hours have been nearly 4" in the Fort Smith area. The measurements are from local airports but I know many of you saw higher totals in your neighborhood.


Carol Jackson sent this picture in from the Peter Pender area where nearly 4" has fallen.


Keith C Tweeted this picture to me from Sunset Corner, Oklahoma where nearly 3" fell.


Places in Alma are pushing 2.50" this picture also Tweeted to me @5NEWSGarrett from Greig Rice.

Image 12

Data indicated the next round of rain moving in on Friday morning. It could be out of the area by the time Friday night graduations are underway but another inch or so is expected.

Image 13

Another strong upper low pulls into the southcentral plains over the weekend. Expect more heavy rain and flash flooding. Potentially, another 2-4" into Memorial Day. This image shows the jet stream winds. There is a little big more jet stream energy this weekend so I think severe weather will be a greater risk. Certainly not an outbreak by any means, but there is a potential for some wind damage or rotating storms.

Image 15

The worst news is the precipitation estimates for the next 7 days. An additional 5" is possible in our area. This could cause major river flooding.

It's already the wettest May on record for Fort Smith with nearly 14". We're just a few inches away from the wettest spring on record since record keeping began back in 1883.