Highway 255 South in Sebastian County Closed to Traffic Due to Flooding

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SEBASTIAN COUNTY (KFSM) – Highway 255 South into Lavaca is closed Wednesday morning (May 20th) after it flooded overnight, according to Sgt. Randy Toon with Lavaca Police.

“We just got too much water too fast,” Sgt. Toon said.

It’s unclear at this time how long Highway 255 South will remain closed. Sgt. Toon said the road will reopen when the water recedes, but adds that it could be several hours before that happens.

South 96 Highway and South River Road, both in Lavaca,  were also closed for a couple of hours overnight due to flooding, Sgt. Toon said. Both of those roads are now back open to traffic.

There are also several low-lying parts around town where the water is up at this time, according to Sgt. Toon. He said it’s important drivers don’t attempt to drive through any flood waters they come to. Instead, he suggests finding an alternate route.

5NEWS will let you know when the roads reopen.