Local Antique Stores Excited For “American Pickers” Visit

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ROGERS (KFSM)- The History channel show "American Pickers" is set to film in Arkansas in June, and some local antique stores are expecting more sales because of their visit.

Sharon McCarver is the owner of Rose Antique Mall and Flea Market in Rogers, and has been collecting antiques since the 1980s. She said having "American Pickers" Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz come to the area may mean more interest in local shops.

McCarver said many of her vendors have private collections.

"I think they'll be excited to show them the different merchandise that they have accumulated, we have some people that have actually got their own pickers, that go out and collect for them to put in their shops so I think it's going to be great," McCarver said.

She said popularity for antiquing continues to grow. She said the recent interest in DIY and repurposing old furniture has the younger generation getting involved in the hobby.

McCarver said one of the big sellers for teens and young adults are records. Jack Bartley is a collector of vinyl records, and sells at McCarver's store.

"The last collection I bought was 1800 records and as soon asIi walked in I knew right then I wanted them and I needed them, it was just so exciting I started looking at everything, I didn't even have to look through a third of them to figure out what he really had here," Bartley said.

He said he is a huge fan of "American Pickers," and said he hopes to be one of them some day. Bartley said he and the TV stars find their treasures the same way.

"We're always asking and I notice "American "Pickers" are always asking people, invite themselves in, try to see what the people have and that's what I do," Bartley said.

“American Pickers” is looking for leads and tips on private antique collections in the area (no stores, malls, flea markets, museums, auctions or anything open to the public). Anyone who wants to have their private antique collection considered should email AmericanPickers@cineflix.com or call 1-855-653-7878.

The film crew will also be stopping in Greenwood and Fort Smith.