Residents Downstream From Beaver Lake Dam Fear Flooding

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BEAVER LAKE (KFSM) - Heavy rain, and storms, over the weekend brought feet of excess water to beaver lake.

So much so, that the Army Corps of Engineers had to partially open the spillway gates.

For many, opening the flood gates at Beaver Dam was a sight to see.

Millions of gallons of water spewed from the gates.

Many tourists said it was impressive to watch. However, others who live downstream told 5NEWS opening the gates was something to fear.

"I’m a little nervous about this," said Mary Hood, a property owner along the White River. ”I just get a pit in my stomach, and I just can't shake it. Everybody else, they can just let [the water] flow by them. But, I know things can happen, because I have seen it.”

Back in 2008, Hood`s cabin, which she would retire in with her husband, was flooded.

The home was built up on a hill, yet still not high enough to evade all the water falling from beaver dam.

“[The water] was almost five feet inside the house," Hood said.

Today, small frogs mark where the water line was on her home.

Hood said opening the flood gates is something to always take serious.

“I'm really hoping that we have it under control this year," Hood said. “We didn't think [flooding] can happen. But, it can. And, that's why I don't take this lightly."

Hood said her property has a designated line from the Army Corps where water isn’t supposed to surpass. However, in 2008, the water raised 15 feet higher than the line.

“Mother nature doesn't have a ‘line’," Hood said.

On Monday (May 25) each of the seven gates was only opened six inches.

Half of a foot allows the equivalent of one Olympic-sized swimming pool to drain from the lake every six seconds.