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RV Park Submerged in Water, Roads Closed in Crawford County

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CRAWFORD COUNTY (KFSM) - The Lee Creek RV Park in Van Buren is submerged in flood waters Tuesday morning (May 26th), leaving several trailer homes damaged as a result.

The owner of the Lee Creek RV Park, Steve Nichols, said residents were warned about the approaching storms and flooding danger Sunday afternoon. Several residents decided to evacuate the area at that time, Nichols said.

"The good people of the RV Park all worked together to get everyone moved out," Nichols said. "There wasn't any chaos. Just good people helping each other."

As the storm moved through, water continued to rise in that area, flooding the RV Park and Rena Road.

Rena Road, between the RV Park and Lee Creek Road remains closed Tuesday morning due to water covering the road, dispatchers said. Several other roads across Crawford County also remain closed, including: Highway 282 at the Grotto Hole, the low-water bridge on Pevehouse Road in Van Buren, Orrick Road in Van Buren, Hollis Lake, Gun Club Road and Sharp Chapel Road in the Alma Bottoms.

Dispatchers said those roads will be back open to traffic when they are safe to travel. It could be several days before that happens, dispatchers said.

Flood gates were raised in Historic Downtown Van Buren over the weekend. Flood gates are also surrounding Lee Creek Park at this time. The flood gates will be lowered when the Arkansas River levels go back down, dispatchers said.

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