Adventure Arkansas: HighRise Trampoline Park

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This week's Adventure Arkansas takes us to new heights at the HighRise Trampoline Park in Rogers, Arkansas.

From the battles on the trampoline dodge ball court, to balance challenging ladder walks, and even aerial gymnastics are here, as Sarah from Rogers demonstrates. And for those of us who never had enough height to dunk, Mason from Hot Springs shows off his slam ball skills.

On Friday and Saturday nights, HighRise has the cool "Hang out during Club Night" for teens and college students. Owner Jacob Skousen says everyone of all ages and interests have a chance to jump in on the fun, "Tuesday nights we have college night. Thursday nights we have various theme nights. We got country music. We've got Michael Jackson night. We've done a lot of fun variations."

If you want to include the whole crew, Monday night between 6-9pm is family night where the whole family can jump for an hour for only $35. Even with the thousands of calories you burn, bouncing has even more benefits on Wednesday. "So on Wednesday nights we donate one jump rope to an under privileged child in a developing country for each person who jumps here on Wednesday night," Skousen explains.

Since safety is a prime priority, you will have to sign a waiver to jump, as well as obey all the safety rules from the referees. Skousen says the trampolines at HighRise are engineered to be much safer than a backyard trampoline, "We use the latest designs on the decking as well as the trampolines to make sure we avoid any and all injuries possible."

HighRise will continue to build upon its successful start. Coming soon, everyone will be able to swing from the rafters. HighRise plans to install a trapeze to swing into their foam pit. Coming this summer, be prepared to channel your inner ninja warrior for their obstacle course!

For more information about HighRise, check out this link:

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