Flood Recovery Training Class In Poteau

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POTEAU, OK (KFSM) - With more rain in the forecast, the city of Poteau is working to make sure it's residents know what to do if they're caught in a dangerous flooding situation.

Trained experts will teach people around town how to assist in flood recovery efforts Friday (May 29). This as more rain is expected to hit the area. For the past several weeks, farmlands and lowlying parts of the River Valley have looked like lakes. Just in Leflore County, they have around 7 to 10 homes underwater right now, due to high waters from all of the recent rain that's moved through the area.

What these instructors will teach people is  how to get mold out of your home and how to clean your home properly after flooding. Removing carpets, and spraying for mold are some things your supposed to do and that's exactly what they will teach you.

These experts have been highly trained by the federal government and have seen flooding destroy people's homes first hand at places like hurricane Katrina and hurricane Sandy.

With water damage happening as we speak, instructors said people need as much help as they can as we brace for even more rain.

The class starts at 6:30 at the Patrick Lynch Public Library.

Each person will receive a booklet of step by step instructions of what they learned in tonight's class when they head home for the night.



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