Possible Tornado in Muskogee County

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WEBBERS FALLS (KFSM) -- A possible tornado hit the area around Webbers Falls, Okla., according to Police Chief Larry Ruiz.

Ruiz was out warning people to take shelter when he said he could see a tornado from where he was stopped at I-40 and Oklahoma Highway 100, at the on ramp on the interstate going eastbound.

"That's when we [saw] the little rope-like tornado in the sky, hit the ground for a short period of time, go back into the sky and then head northeast," he said. "It just looked like a swirl of a cloud -- that's what it looked like to me."

He said tree leaves and branches were flying from above.

"It was just coming down on us -- leaves, small branches -- just coming, floating out of the sky," Ruiz said.

A few barns and sheds were damaged throughout the area.

Ruiz said there were no reports of injuries, and one neighbor in the area said no homes were destroyed.

"Basically we're just lucky that it didn't hit any of our houses. No houses were destroyed at all. It just was an act of God -- to save our houses and save my puppy," Bernard Jiudice said.

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