Elementary School Kitchen Manager Fired For Giving Students Without Money Free Lunch

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COLORADO - A married mother of two was fired from her job as the kitchen manager at an elementary school in Colorado for giving lunches to students who didn’t have money, CBS Denver reports.

Della Curry was the manager at Dakota Valley Elementary School near Aurora. She told CBS Denver that she would see students — who often times weren’t signed up for free lunch programs — crying because of hunger and no lunch money.

“I had a first grader in front of me, crying because she doesn’t have enough money for lunch,” Curry told CBS. “Yes, I gave her lunch.”

Typically, students who don’t have lunch and don’t qualify for free or reduced lunch receive one slice of cheese on a hamburger bun, and a small milk. Believing that meal not sufficient, Curry often bought the students lunch with money from her own pocket, she said.

To qualify for free lunch, a family of four needs to have an income of around $31,000. Curry said many students she helped did not qualify for that program. Parents stepped up in Curry’s defense, saying she often helped when students forget their lunch money.

The school district claims it followed policy in firing her. Anyone who has ever been terminated — like Curry — directly violated policy, the district said.


  • Johnny Trawickell

    The article is slightly misleading. To qualify for the program a family of four must make LESS than $31,000 a year. Most jobs in Colorado pay more than that. The ones that make less are most often people on Welfare.

  • Amy Sutliff

    I think the manager did the right thing. Even though they may not qualify does not mean that they can afford it either. Schools are supposes to be there for the kids, but you want to fire one that was trying to help out & often paid for it herself. I do not believe this is fair. This is elementary school & these (especially younger) kids don’t understand.

  • Lynn LeDoux

    Just more proof that money rules and runs the world we live in This is sickening to me No kid should go hungry ever But unfortunately it does happen I give kuddos to this women for trying to help out I do not care what their policy is when the kids are at a public school the school is responsible for the childs welfare starving them is not very responsible

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