Excess Rain Forces Ants Inside Homes

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ARKANSAS (KTHV) — If ants have invaded your home recently, you’re not alone. Exterminators say they’re busier than ever with calls about ants indoors.

Since the middle of May, Ricky Sims, manager of Curry’s Pest Control in Little Rock says they’ve been overloaded with calls for ants inside people’s homes.

“More ant calls this year than probably ever before.”

Sims says 9 out of 10 calls are pertaining to ants.

“Ants naturally nest and live in the ground, so when their homes get flooded out they look for higher and drier grounds.”

As the earth has become saturated with rainfall, ants are moving their colonies to higher ground.

As a result, homeowners are seeing more of the pests than normal.

Sims says check your windows, doors frames and counters tops for cracks and gaps in the seal.

“You can see little opening on the corners. Insects just looking for a nice place to come in.”

Also, Sims says openings around pipes and waterlines are a prime spot for insects to get in.

“Making sure that windows and door jams are caulked. Kind of eliminates those entry points.”

But Sims says another place you can fight back ants is outside.

“Proper flowerbed and lawn care like removing leaves and ant nesting areas.”

Sims warns that home remedies may not work, it could just send them in another direction. He says the best method is to call a professional.

“Find a new route to their water source.”

The good news is the ant problem should end in a few weeks once we transition into warmer and drier weather.