Police: Three Men Surround Apartment, Threaten To Kill Man Inside With Child

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Top: Marshall Robert Left: Antonio Blackmon Right: Billy Blackmon

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – Three men were arrested on Tuesday (June 2) after police say they attempted to break into a man’s apartment, threatening to kill him.

The man inside the apartment had a seven-year-old child with him, authorities said.

On Tuesday at 8:42 p.m., Fayetteville police were sent to an apartment on North Shamblim Avenue for a “large-scale disturbance.” When they arrived, they found three suspects surrounding an apartment in an “excited and agitated state.” More than 30 residents were coming outside and being drawn to the tumultuous behavior, according to an arrest report.

The three suspects were identified as Robert Marshall, 29, Antonio Blackmon, 26, and Billy Blackmon, 50, police said.

Marshall had blood on his shirt and minor injuries to his face, and he was yelling and ignoring officers while making verbal threats against the man inside the surrounded apartment, the report states. Officers noted in their report that Marshall was “obviously intoxicated.”

Billy Blackmon was also making threats against the man in the apartment, police said.

The victim came out of the apartment and stood in the exterior doorway, causing Billy Blackmon and Antonio Blackmon to become even more agitated and aggressive, the report states.

Police noticed that one of the apartment windows was broken, causing shattered glass to cover the living room floor. They also noticed several shoe marks on the damaged door.

The victim made contact with police and said that before everything started Marshal was intoxicated and had come up to him while they were both outside. The victim then told Marshal to go away. This caused Marshal to “get in the face” of the victim. He also started to poke and grab the victim’s face, authorities said.

After that, the victim punched Marshal in the face, police said.

Marshal left and came back with Antonio Blackmon and Billy Blackmon, causing the victim to go inside his apartment, lock his door and arm himself with a kitchen knife, the report states.

Authorities said the group of three threw a propane tank through the front apartment window and told the victim they would blow up the apartment.

Another apartment resident approached the melee and pleaded with the suspects to stop because her seven-year-old child was inside the apartment. They told her they didn’t care and continued to make threats, the report states.

The woman provided a statement to police which matched the story the victim had given them. Another witness provided a statement which also matched the narrative the victim had given police.

While authorities were at the apartment, Billy Blackmon and Antonio Blackmon were heard saying, “The police ain’t always gonna be here. We are gonna light this place up,” the report states.

Police eventually took the three suspects into custody.

Antonio Blackmon claimed the victim had stabbed him, and he did have a wound on his chest, but the victim denied stabbing him, police said.

The seven-year-old child had a cut on his left heel, caused by stepping on broken glass from the shattered window, according to the report.

Marshall Robert faces charges of crime of violence while acting in concert with two or more other persons, criminal attempt, terrorist threatening, first-degree assault, third-degree endangering the welfare of a minor, public intoxication and more.

Antonio Blackmon faces charges of engage in continuing crime gang or enterprise, criminal attempt, first-degree assault, terrorist threatening, third-degree endangering the welfare of a minor and more.

Billy Blackmon faces charges of engage in continuing crime gang or enterprise, criminal attempt, first-degree assault, terrorist threatening, third-degree endangering the welfare of a minor and more.

The first hearing for all three suspects is scheduled for Friday (June 5) at 7:45 a.m., according to jail records. Those same records state that no bond has been set for the three suspects.