Wakarusa Festival Goers Arrive at Mulberry Mountain

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MULBERRY MOUNTAIN (KFSM) -- Wakarusa festival goers started setting up their camping spots on Mulberry Mountain Wednesday (June 3).

“It’s like a perfect little world dedicated to music, creativity, art and treating people good. It’s pretty awesome experience,” Danny Waltman said.

Waltman drove to Wakarusa from Kansas City, Missouri -- that means he had to take a detour after a hill slide closed part of Highway 23.

Chad Adams with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department said the road has been temporarily repaired for emergency vehicles only.

Walkman said that's okay.

“The harder the journey, the more difficult -- the more rewarding the experience. And so, I know from personal experience -- whoever is stuck in traffic right now will have an even better time than me, who's comfortable hanging out by the lake. I guarantee it,” Waltman said.

And now that he's here, he's ready to enjoy the week.

"I carry this guitar around and just try to get in some jam sessions with people -- there's tons of other musicians here,” Waltman said.

Bobby Painter from Fort Smith is ready too.

“We’re going to sleep out here all weekend -- till Sunday,” Painter said.

But for those who want a little less dirt -- there's an area for campers who would prefer to go “glamping.”

"I feel like I'm an Arabian prince in my tent. [I’m going to] sleep on a mattress,” Waltman said.

The music kicks off Wednesday and lasts through the weekend.