Walmart Shareholders Gearing Up For Concert Tonight

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Walmart shareholders week festivities continue to lead up to the big event where a crowd of thousands of Walmart shareholders and associates are expected to pack into Bud Walton Arena Wednesday night (6/3) to see Lynryd Skynyrd and local band Backroad Anthem perform. This comes after yesterday's concert where Lifehouse and Train gave a show.

Betsy Harden of Walmart home offices in Bentonville told 5News that the concert is sold out, and only associates and shareholders will be able to attend. However, 250 tickets are made available to University of Arkansas students who have been camping outside the stadium since Tuesday night for tickets.

For the past several days the shareholders and associates have been enjoying the sights and sounds of Northwest Arkansas, and many of them are excited for tonight's festivities leading up to the big meeting on Friday.