Dog Days Event In Van Buren Makes A Splash

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VAN BUREN (KFSM) – The Van Buren Rotary Club held a “Dog Days” event for the first time ever, wrapping up on Sunday (June 7).

The main event of Dog Days was the dog dock diving competition, sanctioned by the American Kennel Club.

Ten-year-old Louie from Little Rock competed for the first time.

"His energy level was real high. He gets all excited, barks and gets crazy, keeps jumping around at the start line wanting to go,” said Steven Bravard, Louie’s owner.

River was another one of the 32 diving competitors.

"They don't want to quit. They just want to keep going and going, even though they're tired,” said River’s owner, Beth Harrison. “You can tell because they're not getting out of the pool as fast and all of that. But they just don’t want to stop.”

But not all the dogs were making a splash.

The Fort Smith Police Department demonstrated some of what their K9s do.

"People love watching that. If you love dogs, you love watching everything that dogs do. And so that's another thing that dogs do,” Van Buren Rotary Club Event Chairman Shirley Williams said.

The money was raised for the Van Buren Rotary Club. Williams said she hopes to have the event again next year, and to eventually have a dog park in the city.

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