Local Restaurants See Big Business From Super Regional

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFMS) - More than 35,000 people packed Baum Stadium this weekend for the NCAA Super Regionals, and all of those visitors meant more money for local businesses.

Foghorn's manager Ryan Brown said since Friday (June 5) customers have been pouring in, so much so that he's had to ask other stores for back up.

"Right now especially with it being summer a lot of our girls are gone and we have to pull girls from the other stores, but they're more than happy to come over because they know we're busy and I mean we've quadrupled sales in the last few days it's been incredible," Brown said.

He said the before and after game crowd has been the money-making time, but he said the temperatures are driving people in too.

"When it gets this hot we'll get a lot of people walk over and have a couple drinks, and some food and we'll stay steady the whole time it's awesome," Brown said.

Louie Olivarez is a server, and said she's made triple what she usually makes in a weekend.

"It's definitely worth it I've made several hundred and I can't complain about it, it's worth the craziness," Olivarez said.

She said she's worked 12 hour shifts this weekend, and said she's putting the extra cash towards bills and possibly something fun.

"Me and my roommate want to go to California in a couple months, so hey it might happen," Olivarez said.

Brown said they had to open the store an hour early every day to prepare for the rush.