20 Years Missing: Pushing To Find Morgan Nick

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ALMA (KFSM) - Tuesday (June 9th) 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the day 6-year-old Morgan Nick was abducted from an Alma ballpark. After two decades of searching, the Nick family remains hopeful that Morgan will return home.

On June 9th, 1995, Morgan was playing with her friends in a parking lot the ballPark. Later, her mother Colleen Nick noticed her little girl went missing. An investigation was launched and the case is still open to this day as Morgan remains missing.

In memory of her daughter, Colleen Nick has started a website called the Morgan Nick Foundation. Its focus is to provide support to parents and families of all missing children.

Over the weekend in Alma, many came to support the family as balloons were released in honor of Morgan. Colleen said this is meant to show the world that they haven't given up.

Even to this day, Colleen Nick said leads come into the police department every day about Morgan's case, but none have led to a resolution.

"We are not giving up with this search," said Colleen Nick. "We are still looking for Morgan, the clues are still out there." She adds someone does know what happened to her.

"Our family is just asking someone to find the courage to look at the recent picture and to make the call that would bring her home," said Nick.

If you have any information about Morgan's case, you are asked to call Crimestoppers at 78 - CRIME.


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