Rogers Fire Department Provides Paramedics For Aquatic Center

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ROGERS (KFSM)-There is going to be some extra help at the Rogers Aquatic Center this summer to make sure swimmers are safe. The Rogers Fire Department will be sending a paramedic to the park during peak hours.

The aquatic center director said more than 1,000 people visit the center daily, so she reached out to the fire department about lending a hand.

Lacie Johnson is part of the 6 person team that will take turns at the center on busy days.

"If they can't handle something that's too big, bigger than just a minor scratch, then we are there to help them out with the more serious medical emergencies," Johnson said.

She said they are able to handle diabetic emergencies, as well as cardiac arrests and allergic reactions. She said they are also on the lookout for heat stroke and dehydration.

"We do have an IV supply so that we can give them fluid," Johnson said.

Tanae Coleman lives in Springdale, and brings her 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son to the park often.

"I think that's a huge help to us parents too. I know it's each of our responsibilities to watch our kids and make sure they're protected but it's busy and there's a lot of kids. It just adds a little more security I think," Coleman said.

Rogers resident Susan Black said she thinks it will also be good to get the paramedics out in the community.

"Some of the little ones can be a little scared of their uniforms, so it just helps them acclimate a little better," Black said.

Currently, the paramedic team is only assisting on the weekend, but the director said as the season picks up, a paramedic will likely be at the park daily. She said there is a staff of 85 lifeguards at the center, all of whom are CPR-certified.

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