Versatile Lineup Helping Hogs Win

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - Versatile. That's what Arkansas' line up has been this season one through nine. Andrew Benintendi has his spot in the number three hole, but the rest of the line up has been a shuffle that's working.

"We go out there and every single pitch we have confidence in our batter to do what they do best," left fielder Joe Serrano said. "I mean there's a reason they're playing D1 baseball. We have faith in all of our hitters."

Although you can expect something huge from "Benny Baseball," he's not the only one swinging the bat. One through nine the whole line up has had it's moments to shine.

"We have guys who can pick up each other," second baseman Rick Nomura said. "It definitely helps because you're not going to do it every day, and you're going to depend on your teammates. It is a team game."

It's those big plays through the order, and their versatility to move around that has helped send the Hogs to Omaha.

"We don't really have a big hole in the lineup, or a part of the lineup to where we don't think we can score any runs or do some damage offensively," short stop Michael Bernal said. "I think that's been a big part to why we're here where we are now."

So how does Coach Dave Van Horn script out the perfect lineup every game? It comes from these guys not being selfish.

"We have some guys that are pretty athletic, we have some guys who really don't care where they hit in the batting order and it's more about the team. They don't take everything personal. I think they just want to win," Van Horn said.

That shuffle lineup has been doing the trick.

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