Campaign To Target Red Light Runners

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - Fort Smith Police are monitoring intersections and looking for those running red lights. Police said if you get caught, you will get a ticket,  with no expections.

The Fort Smith Police Department launched "Operation Seeing Red 2" on Monday (June 8th). Officers will be monitoring busy intersections that typically experience the highest number of accidents throughout the city.

The department did this campaign back in February 2015, and the public responded to it so well that they are doing it again. But this time, we don't know what intersections officers will be at. During the first campain, Sgt. Daniel Grubbs said a hundreds of tickets were written out to drivers running red lights.

Statisitics show that a number of traffic accidents have been caused by drivers trying to beat the red light, but instead of making it thru, they end up colliding with another vehicle in the intersection.

When officers aren't repsonding to calls throughout the day, they will be parked at several different intersecions across the city making sure drivers don't run through a red light.

Sgt. Grubbs said the number one reason why they do this is for everyone's safety. "While there not answering calls for service, they'll be paying attention to any red light intersection," according to Sgt. Grubbs.

Fort Smith Police are asking for drivers to help them out by always looking both ways before entering an intersection. The campaign will last for three weeks.

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