Victim In Charleston Homicide Investigation Identified

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CHARLESTON (KFSM) -The victim in a deadly shooting  on Tuesday (June 9) in Charleston has been identified as Joey Strickland, according to authorities.

Strickland was the nephew of suspect Thomas Roy Barnes, 63,  who was booked at the Franklin County Jail on Wednesday.

The shooting occurred on South School Street south of the Charleston schools on Tuesday afternoon (June 9), according to Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney David Gibbons.

According to witnesses, Barnes was at his house and had multiple heated phone conversations with Strickland on Tuesday, and concluded with Barnes telling Strickland to come over.

Strickland had lived with Barnes and his wife Brenda for a short time.

After Strickland arrived at Barnes' home, Brenda heard "yelling." Strickland reportedly began to approach Barnes and the two shouted at each other. Strickland then clenched his fist and pulled it back as if to hit Barnes.

The suspect shot at Strickland once with a Smith and Wesson Highway Patrolman model .357.

Brenda Barnes immediately reported the incident, but when emergency personnel arrived, Strickland was pronounced dead at the scene.

Barnes is facing charges of first degree murder and his bail has been set at a $500,000 cash bond. He is scheduled to appear in the Franklin County Circuit Court on July 2.

Charleston Police Chief Billy Atchley said this is the first homicide in the city since he has been employed with the department. He has been with the department for 13 years.




      • cultureissueconfirmed

        So “come over” actually means “stay away” to you poosies?

        You challenge a man to come over then be man enough to fight. Unfortunately for the unarmed Strickland he was facing a scared little coward, not a man, and got shot.

        You and the coward are wrong, hence the 1st degree murder charges.

      • cecilfrank

        Calm down. I’m in no way defending Barnes. I’m simply saying if someone gets into heated arguments over the phone, and one person tells the other to come to their house, means trouble. Or to me that’s what it means.

      • whitedeanjess5

        I agreed, this young man knew something bad was going to happen, I’m sure he didn’t think he was going to die but he knew something was going to happen. I don’t understand why people fight and things but I believe in self defense but like the other person said… (Well maybe it could have ended in a bloody nose or what have you) it didn’t have to end in a death pretty much. I think that is what they meant.

  • whitedeanjess5

    There is a right and wrong here. I believe everyone has a right to defend themselves, I also believe if you start something you shouldn’t end it with a gun. That is why all the new gun laws will be passed because of cases like this. I know there is more to this story and others don’t so I will say this if someone pulls up on my property with intent and I tell them to stay in their car and they don’t and they come at me with intent… I will defend myself the way I see fit.

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