Woman Injured In Hit-And-Run Supports Red Light Campaign

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)-Police will be keeping a closer eye on intersections over the next few weeks as part of the Operation Seeing Red Campaign 2.

Employees at Nolan Caddell & Reynolds located at the intersection of 11th and B Street told 5NEWS an accident caused by someone running red lights happens at least once a week in the area.

A hit-and-run that happened on April 29 at the intersection is captured by the business’ surveillance camera. Patricia Forst said was leaving a bible study group and had just turned onto B street. Her light turned green, when police said a black SUV described as a Chevy Tahoe heading north on 11th Street ran through a red light. In the video, you can see the driver pause for a moment and drive away, leaving the scene of the accident.

Shortly after, a woman is seen getting out of her car to help.

“It was really frightening, really scary that young lady had to call my husband to tell him I had been in an accident and was taken by ambulance to the hospital,” Forst said.

Meanwhile Fort Smith Police are cracking down on drivers who run red lights. Corporal Vincent Clamser said law enforcement is encouraging people to pay attention, especially at intersections, and slow down when the light turns yellow.

“We’re talking about people’s lives here,” Cpl. Clamser said. “We’re talking about the general safety of the public and anything we can do. We’re not just wanting to write tickets, we’re wanting to increase the safety of the citizens of Fort Smith.”

The campaign will last for three weeks. Police said the last time they ran this campaign, officers issued more than 600 tickets.

If you have any information regarding the hit-and-run that happened back in April, you’re asked to call Fort Smith Police or Crimestoppers at 78-CRIME.

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  • Marilyn Harris

    I am glad to hear the FSPD is addressing this growing problem. I work on the corner of Old Greenwood Road & Phoenix, and I see this happening so much, So many wrecks because of it!! All in all I have never seen such bad drivers anywhere! People act like their vehicle is a weapon, a get out of my way and you won’t get hurt type of thing!! And when they have an accident because of running a red light, they act like it is your fault!!

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