14-Year-Old Girl Dies In Jet Ski Collision On Beaver Lake

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) -A 14-year-old girl died Thursday (June 11) following a Jet Ski collision on Beaver Lake, according to the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission.

The accident took place at 9654 Prairie Creek Marina Road just before 6 p.m.

Two eyewitnesses described the wreck as horrific. They told 5NEWS the 14-year-old was driving full-speed ahead in front of two other family members on another Jet Ski when she did a doughnut in the water. The other driver, an adult, was unable to stop in time, t-boning the victim.

Alan Bland, a ranger with Army Corps of Engineers, said the Jet Ski hit the teenager in the head knocking her in the water. He said she was taken by ambulance then by helicopter to Mercy Hospital in Rogers where the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission confirmed she died.

"Unfortunately it happens way too frequently," Bland said. "They aren't paying attention, somebody stops too soon all of a sudden, there are no brakes on [the Jet Skis] and they hit each other and it becomes very serious."

Regionald Orvin said he watched the emergency response after the accident.

"She wasn't moving at all," he said. "It didn't look good. It didn't look good at all. It looked like they had her on some machine to help her breath. She was just out. Just unresponsive."

The two other people on the other Jet Ski sustained minor injuries, according to Rogers Fire Department Chief Tom Jenkins.

Authorities said the adult who hit the teen by mistake could still face reckless operation of a water craft charges.

The Rogers Fire Department and Beaver Lake Fire Department responded to the accident.

According to Bland it's illegal for anyone under the age of 16 to operate a water craft.

This is the third death on Beaver Lake in 2015, all the result of boating accidents.


  • Johnny Trawickell

    So sad. This kind of thing happens way more than it should. PARENTS, please watch your children. If it is not legal for them to do something, there IS a reason. Prayers for the child, Bless her.

  • Tammy Beard-Coder

    This poor family- losing a child is so traumatic in itself. To be the cause of the child’s death, agonizing. Now to possibly face charges… haven’t they been hurt enough?
    And dear editor… it is BRAKES. As in, there are no brakes on jet skis. There are plenty of breaks involved.

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