Obesity for Women After Menopause

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A new look at the link between obesity and breast cancer, and health scares from synthetic marijuana are on the rise.

Poison centers are reporting a big increase in emergency calls about synthetic marijuana. The Centers for Disease Control says there were more than 3,500 calls in the first five months of this year. That's more than triple last year. Synthetic marijuana contains powerful chemicals that mimic the effects of marijuana.

A new study looks at the dangers of obesity for women after menopause. An analysis of thousands of health records finds that overweight women face an increased risk of invasive breast cancer. The most obese faced the highest risk.

Stroke victims often wait too long to get help because they don't recognize the symptoms. New research finds that educating survivors can make a big difference. Patients were given packets of information on how to prepare and react to a stroke. When they did experience a recurrence, an unprecedented 42% made it to an emergency room within the key 3 hour time frame.