Over 3,000 Arkansas National Guard Soldiers Training at Fort Chaffee

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FORT CHAFFEE (KFSM) -- The Arkansas National Guard 39th Infantry Brigade Combat team is undergoing a three-week training program from the XCTC, which stands for Exportable Combat Training Capability.

The training group has been to Fort Chaffee before, but this time -- they're using cell phone technology, allowing the soldiers to see what they're doing while they doing it, and play it back later.

"It provides him feedback and allows him to take those lessons learned and make himself better in the future,” Rotational Director for XCTC Scott Sarver said.

The events are meant to teach the soldiers how to rely on each other better in a controlled environment.

"This is as realistic as you can get,” Staff Sgt. Lance Gainey said.

Some of the people being trained have seen combat – others, like Specialist Joshua Rogers, haven't been deployed yet.

"It's as good of a simulation as you can get. We use blanks -- so we'll have some misfires, you'll have to be able to do your immediate action with all that,” Rogers said. “Then you have the MILES (Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System) gear on to make sure that you're actually aiming at the enemies -- so it's about as realistic as you can get."

Rogers said what he's learning at Fort Chaffee is invaluable.

"It'll probably save my life one day,” he said.

About 3,000 soldiers are being trained, and it ends June 19.

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