Fayetteville City Council Passes New Non-Discrimination Ordinance

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - The Fayetteville City Council voted in favor of a new non-discrimination ordinance on Tuesday evening (May 16), officials say.

On June 3, Alderman Matthew Petty added the new non-discrimination ordinance to the city council June 16 meeting agenda. The ordinance is titled “An ordinance to ensure the uniform non-discrimination protections within the city of Fayetteville or groups already protected to varying degrees throughout state law.” It is also known as the Uniform Civil Rights Protection Article.

The Uniform Civil Rights Protection Article states that the right to be free from discrimination because of sexual orientation and gender identity is the same right of every citizen to be free from discrimination based on race, religion, national origin, gender and disability as recognized and protected by the Arkansas Civil Rights Act of 1993.

Now that it has been passed, the ordinance will go straight to Fayetteville voters in a special election scheduled for Sept. 8, officials said. Voters will then chose to enact or reject the ordinance.


  • vanguradesquire

    Matthew Petty will not sleep until Fay., AR is the “unofficial” LGBT Capital of the U.S. and every God-fearing, Bible-reading Christian is not run out of town; but DISGUSTED out of town. Then he and his bleeding heart agenda can have a referendum on any issue he feels necessary. Because after all, His Majesty Supreme Chancellor Matthew Petty kno what is best for us all, even though we all had our say so. How dare we go against his wishes. Tsk!, tsk! tsk!

    • Sarah Jones Geer

      Yes, how absolutely AWFUL that LGBT people might have the same rights you enjoy. Can’t have that in the US- because apparently we’re a Christian theocracy where Christians get special treatment over anyone else?

      Oh wait- we’re a secular democratic republic that doesn’t do that. Sounds like someone would be happier in a nice theocracy though. Try Iran, I hear it’s just lovely this time of year.

  • newsonvets

    14th amendment. Period.

    Love you neighbor as yourself. Period.

    If you expect forgiveness, you must give it. If you expect compassion, you must give it.

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