Russellville Mayor Supports Proposed Odor Ordinance

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RUSSELLVILLE (KFSM) – Russellville Mayor Randall Horton said on Tuesday (June 16) that he supports the proposed odor control ordinance.

The Russellville City Council is set to further discuss the issue at their next meeting on Thursday (June 18), according to a meeting agenda.

The ordinance is titled “The City of Russellville, Arkansas, Odor Control Ordinance.” It defines odor as “the property or quantity of a substance that activates, affects, stimulates or is perceived by the sense of smell.” The ordinance aims to prohibit odor pollution within city limits.

Horton said he supports the effort to regulate nuisance odors having a negative effect on Russellville.

“The goal has repeatedly been stated that the preferred outcome would be to agree with all concerned parties on a set of regulations that allow the operators to continue to operate but with better control of offensive odors,” Horton said. “To that end, the city council has encouraged the owners to participate in the development of the standards to be associated with the proposed ordinance, and hopefully that will take place.”

The odor ordinance is expected to be read for a second time at the Thursday meeting and voted on in the city council’s July meeting, according to the mayor.

“This schedule should allow adequate time for all interested parties to participate in the development of the ordinance,” Horton said.

To read the full ordinance, click here.

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