125 Beaver Lake Campsites Closed Due To Flooding

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BEAVER LAKE (KFSM) - After Tropical Depression Bill made its way through Northwest Arkansas, much of the excess rain made its way to local lakes.

For the second time in less than a month, more than 125 campsites around Beaver Lake have fell victim to flooding.

Army Corps of Engineers Park Ranger Alan Bland said the Horseshoe Bend campgrounds took the biggest hit, forcing many to move out.

“We were able to move them to another site in the park, so everybody is happy," Bland said.

The corps is often forced to close the campsites due to sanitary reasons with grills, as well as for electrical reasons.

"A lot of times the electrical pedestal gets under water. So then we shut the electricity off. And we have to kick everybody off because of that, just for safety," Bland said.

Some campers told 5NEWS they make a reservation, just in case flooding occurs.

“With the high water, you're better off to reserve in advance," said Gary Thomas, a camper from Fayetteville who has camped at the lake for more than 30 years.

"If you reserve one and the water gets high, you're going to be in trouble,” Thomas said. “We usually try and reserve a campsite, and then if we can move over there, we will do that.”

The Army Corps of Engineers said they still had more than 500 campsites available for the weekend, amidst all of the flooding.