Central Arkansas Caregiver Arrested In 84-Year-Old’s Murder

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Carla Davidson. Courtesy: KTHV

JEFFERSON, CO. ARKANSAS (KTHV) — An elderly Pine Bluff man is dead after being beaten, stabbed and run over by a car.

His ex-wife’s caregiver sits behind bars after confessing to the murder.

A Waste Management worker found 84-year-old Esbend Sheridan outside his house on Highway 79 South on Wednesday morning.

When investigators arrived on scene, they immediately knew something wasn’t right.

“There were significant signs of trauma to the body that gave us alarm,” said Major Lafayette Woods, Jr. with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

According to investigators, 84-year-old Esbend Sheridan had been badly beaten, stabbed and run over.

“When he was discovered, he was lying face up on the ground 30 yards from roadway,” said Woods.

With no witnesses, investigators began looking for clues.

That’s when they spoke with 53-year-old Carla Davidson, the caregiver of Sheridan’s ex-wife, who later confessed to the murder.

“She said she had gotten a call from Mr. Sheridan to come to the property. At that point, there was allegedly some sort of sexual advance towards her that was unwanted, and at that point in time the assault occurred,” said Woods.

According to investigators, Davidson admitted to stabbing Sheridan several times before running him over with her vehicle. She then left the scene, taking Sheridan’s cell phone and wallet with her, leaving him to die.

“If there was a situation where she felt like there was a sexual advance towards her, the right thing to do was actually report that,” said Woods. “You have to think, that if ambulance would have been called, he would possibly still be alive.”

Investigators have recovered Davidson’s car as well as the board they say she used to beat Sheridan.

As of Thursday, they were still looking for the knife they believe was used in the murder.

Davidson is currently being held without bond. She is charged with first degree murder and aggravated robbery.