Up To 350 Jobs To Be Eliminated At Mercy Health System

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(KFSM) – Mercy Health System announced this week that between 300 and 350 jobs would be eliminated across four states.

“Financially, Mercy faces increasing challenges to our reimbursement structure as we adjust to reductions mandated by the Affordable Care Act and other budget cuts, as well as the lack of Medicaid expansion in most of our states,” a news release from Mercy states.

Mercy said it is in the process of “simplifying [its] organizational structure and realigning [its] workforce in order to gain efficiencies and reduce costs.”

The majority of the jobs being cut are leadership roles, according to the release.

“We recognize the impact of these changes on our co-workers and their families, and our transition plan will reflect our commitment to dignity and compassion,” Mercy said.

In total, Mercy employs nearly 40,000 workers, and 2,500 of those are leadership positions.


    • Adam Colquitt

      “as well as the lack of Medicaid expansion in most of our states,”
      That was up to the governors to pass. They didn’t because they threw a fit about the ACA. The republican governors are to blame for their childish fit. Arkansas will be fine.

      I notice “The truth” posts a lot and also is very mis-informed on the truth, also by the fact you COMPLETELY missed that line. So a republican… seeing that it says about states who didn’t pass medicaid expansion causing trouble in it… blames the ACA instead of the people who didn’t accept the expansion in a childish fit

      Republican logic 101

    • Russ Dietz

      What this article fails to mention is the number of jobs that were created as a result of the AHCA. I have seen literally dozens on small clinics popping up everywhere…. Mercy, Northwest Medical, Medquik, Etc, Etc. These types of clinics are a direct result of more people having insurance and more people using that insurance to visit a doctor versus going to the emergency room and then not paying their bill. These job cuts by Mercy are unfortunate and I am sure to those affected it is very personal but the harsh reality is that businesses have to restructure all the time in order to keep costs down and continue to meet the needs of their customers.

  • Leten Uno

    Outstanding. This is the design of the ACA. To eliminate waste and repetitive functions creating a more streamlined healthcare system. With data entry occurring at Point of Care many positions in the leadership roles are not needed. Staffing is shifting from top heavy clerical to direct patient care.
    Health Care hiring is on a historic pace. 30 million people have gained health care under the ACA. New clinics are popping up on street corners across america. Hospitals are building. HR is hiring.
    This is a sign of readjusting and eliminating waste.
    There at 300 jobs lost here but Mercy’s website has 525 jobs in direct patient care available. Bravo ACA, Obamacare. Working to decrease waste, inefficiency and top heavy administration.

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