GameStop Starts Selling Retro Games

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(KFSM) – Dallas-based video game retailer GameStop announced on Monday (June 22) that it has started selling “retro” games.

The company announced plans to sell older video game titles in April, buying retro consoles and games at its stores in New York City and Birmingham, IGN reported.

After building inventory for the last two months, GameStop started selling older games and consoles on Monday via their online store.

With this new move, GameStop is competing closer with Connecticut-based video game retailer GameXChange, which has sold retro games and consoles for several years.

An employee at the GameStop in Fayetteville told 5NEWS they don’t have any retro games in stock at the moment, and in-store sales of older games and systems are limited to certain markets. He also said there isn’t an exact schedule for GameStop to start selling retro games in other markets.