New Health Center Being Built In Charleston School District

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CHARLESTON (KFSM) - Administrators at Charleston School District are getting to work on designing a new student health center Monday (June22). This is after the district was awarded some serious grant money by the state.

Administrators at the school district have $500,000 to spend on the new health center. The facility will be in the center of campus. Crews are working on tearing down the building that's there now, and building a new one.

Superintendent Jeff Stubblefield said once construction is complete, the new clinic will serve both students and staff Monday through Friday. There will also be a mental health specialist available for emergency situations.

However, administrators also add that those who use the clinic will need to pay a co-fee just like they would at any other health clinic. Even though administrators said they're still working out the specifics such as what services will be offered through the clinic.

They said parents in the district are excited for everything the new health center will offer.

Stubblefield said the facility will be finished this coming school year. The building will be open at the begginning of November. Stubblefield said the clinic will offer dental and vision services in the future.

Charleston is one of four Arkansas School Districts that were selected to receive state funding for the health center.