Sen. Cotton Gives Back Donations From White Supremacist Leader

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) – Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, said he gave back donations from a white supremacist leader on Monday (June 22), officials say.

On Monday, Politico reported that a white supremacist leader mentioned by Charleston church shooting suspect Dylann Roof in his alleged manifesto donated to Cotton’s congressional campaign.

Cotton released a statement saying that he had “initiated a refund of Holt’s contribution.”

“I do not agree with his hateful beliefs and language and believe they are hurtful to our country,” Cotton said.

According to Politico, Holt is the president of the St. Louis-based Council of Conservative Citizens. Provocative statements in his name have been posted online, including on the conservative news site The Blaze, under the user name Earl P Holt III.

“Jared Taylor, a former director of the Council of Conservative Citizens, told The Guardian, which first reported the donations, that ‘if there’s a statement that is ‘Earl P Holt III,’ he probably made it,’” Politico reported.

In a 2011 comment, Holt referred to black people as “the laziest, stupidest and most criminally-inclined race in the history of the world,” according to Politico.


  • The Truth

    This is a non-story being made in to one by the feeble – minded liberal hack Lanning. Trying to infer Cotton is racist by taking a donation from an American citizen which is perfectly legal. To Cotton ‘ s credit, he returned the money. But the liars in the media will spin this into making him into a bad guy, another mean, racist conservative, to fit their agenda. So how much money has been donated to Obama or Hillary from the Black Panthers or Louis Farrah an or other Black racists and not been returned? Research that Lanning and get back to us. No one will be holding his or her breath.

      • Curt Lanning

        It’s good to see you back on my stories, Truth. It had been a while since I’d seen a comment of yours. I was getting worried. Thanks for reading!

    • Peter Hogpuddin Morgan

      This article looks fair to me, The Truth. And it also gives you another chance to bash Democrats/Liberals under your own misconceptions.

      On a side note, I especially enjoyed how you stated (on another article) that the Democrat Party ruined our American Flag. This is the same flag for which I proudly stand with tears in my eye at every given opportunity. I am sorry that you think that only Republicans died (and continue to die) for our Country.

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