Arkansas Governor Weighs In On Confederate Flag Debate Following Shooting

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LITTLE ROCK (KTHV)- In the wake of last week’s mass shooting at an historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina’s governor called on lawmakers to remove the Confederate flag from state capitol grounds on Monday afternoon.

Now, that debate is getting heated in Arkansas.

The Arkansas Capitol does not fly the Confederate battle flag, but our state flag does feature a blue star that is meant to commemorate the Confederacy. That star had added to a growing debate over the confederate flag itself.

“It’s part of history but, you know, it should not be utilized as a symbol for current events, it is history,” said Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson when he was asked about the Confederate flag.

It is specifically that history which some say is worth remembering.

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  • The Truth

    Liberals won’t stop until they have erased American history completely. Now where’s that fascist, rainbow flag that represents religious bigotry and suppression of 1st amendment rights? That is the next flag that needs to be removed from society. Two can play at this game.

    • Peter Hogpuddin Morgan

      Every Liberal that I’ve spoken with since this news came about earlier disagrees with any attempt to remove the star. That’s twice you’ve swung and missed today on your mislead accusations.

      Here comes the pitch…

    • joe smith (@charlemacintosh)

      Truth, you poor ignorant fool, I have complained to the General Manager of this news outlet Mr. Van Comer about your rantings and as expected he ignored me. So with that being said I have to assume that if the General Manager of 5 News doesn’t care about the kind of comments you make, then it would be a natural conclusion that he won’t care about mine either, so here we go.
      Your weak attempt to promote yourself as a truth sayer is ridiculous and the Avatar ” The Truth ” is laughable. You have a big mouth and you run it often, do you ever shut up? You a big man when you can hide behind these post, I wonder if you would be so in person, I doubt it. More than likely you would run and hide like the coward you are. I personally would like to meet you in person and see for myself just how loathsome you really are. You are unable to add any resemblance of a thoughtful argument in any of your rantings, just hate, insults and nonsense. I don’t know about the rest of the folks who comment on these articles, but I for one am sick of you. Your world is a reality that only you understand, it is a world that only you can exist in. So take some free advice seek out a mental health professional, get medicated, contemplate your miserable existence, apologize to all mankind for the virus that you are and for once in your meaningless life, SHUT UP, you repulsive bigot !

      Are you paying attention Mr. Van Comer?

      • Bob Real

        I know I’ve made several Commits about several subjects and might show up for a couple of minutes then gets TAKEN OFF.. I’ve STOPPED WATCHING KFSM TV5 LOCA NEWS..

  • Kirt K. Parker

    I am a proud White-American. Both of my Great Grandfather’s fought for the south during the Civil War. I am very tired of the Media, the Race Baiters and the so called Afican-Americans saying that the Civil War and anything associated with the South is Racist. The Civil War was NOT about Slavery as many people assume and were taught in school.

    The Civil War was about the Morrill Tariff Bill. In May of 1860 the U.S. Congress passed the Morrill Tariff Bill raising the average tariff from about 15% to 37% with increases to 47% within 3 years. U.S. tariff revenues already fell disproportionately on the South, accounting for 87% of the total even before the Morrill Tariff. Out of 40 Southern Congressmen, only one voted for the Morrill Tariff Bill. While the tariff protected Northern industrial interests, it raised the cost of living and commerce in the South substantially. Even more galling was that 80% or more of these tax revenues were expended on Northern public works and industrial subsidies, thus further enriching the North at the expense of the South.

    I am very proud of the Confederate flag which stands for Southern Pride and independence from an unjust government (Then & Now). I am also very proud of all the Hero’s who fought for the South during the Civil War. Anyone who does not feel this way living in the South, should move North and get out of our Southern States of America.

    • Grace (@obaahema1959)

      I have a doctorate of history, and you are right about the reasons for the civil war. I shake my head when black people tell their children than Lincoln was the great emancipator; he most certainly was not. He wanted black people to go back to Afrika (like they willingly purchased a one-way ticket here). The war was about popular sovereignty.

      I have seen trucks with confederate symbols saying tradition not hate, and I am fine with it. Obsessing about this cloth detracts from the real issues: institutionalized racism and discrimination. Naturally, amerikkka is well known for avoidance issues, so I stand for what is honestly going on. As for moving, you can catch the same train that you demand that others board to leave the area, too. I am a citizen, and I am not moving unless I desire to go.

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