Cat Nurses Abandoned Puppies At Washington County Animal Shelter

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)- There is a cat named June Bug at the Lester C. Howick Animal Shelter of Washington County who has become, for the time being, an adoptive mother to two puppies.

June Bug was hard at work Tuesday (June 23) after she found herself at the shelter only five days earlier with her own litter of kittens. According to Administrative Assistant Madison Seyfried, a Washington County animal control officer found the puppies abandoned in the Blue Mountain Road area of Prairie Grove.

"The kittens, we had weaned them recently from her, so she was probably pretty close to being spayed to be put up for adoption, but now it looks like she has a little bit more work ahead of her," Seyfried said. "I mean, who says cats and dogs can't get along? This is proof that that's not true."

Seyfried said June Bug took the puppies in immediately as though they were her own litter. The shelter is looking for people with bottle feeding experience to foster the puppies until they are old enough to be adopted.

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