Parrot Island Waterpark To Temporarily Close Two Slides

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) – Two slides at Parrot Island Waterpark will be closed for four days for modifications.

The Blue Macaw and the Tangerine Twist are expected to be closed from June 29-July 2, according to a release from American Resort Management.

Richard Coleman, the senior vice president of development and operations with American Resort Management, said the modifications are simply based on early customer reviews.

“We heard the orange slide was a little rough, so we’re making it a little less aggressive, and it will actually be 100 feet longer with less of a slope after the work is done,” Coleman said.

The repairs should take less than four days but if the work does take longer, crews will make sure the Blue Macaw is open, ensuring three of the four slides can be enjoyed, according to Coleman.

The release states much of the work will be during nighttime and non-operating hours, and the modifications to the slides are being done at no additional cost.


  • cultureissueconfirmed

    I saw two people come off of there so fast it looked like a violent car crash they were whipped around so hard, then the next two people had to actually slide themselves along because there wasn’t enough water to propel them. Then they closed the slide. I hope nobody got hurt.

    • Marilyn Harris

      I have heard from several people who visit my store that those slides were dangerous and several incidents have happened, I do hope the problems get rectified.

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