Police: Fayetteville Man Breaks Into Apartment, Hits Puppy With Chair

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – A Fayetteville man was arrested after police said he broke into his girlfriend’s apartment and hit her puppy with a chair.

Logan Smith, 24, was booked into the Washington County Detention Center and faces charges of residential burglary, first-degree criminal mischief and cruelty animals, according to jail records.

On Monday (June 22) at 7:50 p.m., police responded to a home on West Cheshire Ct. for a burglary in progress, authorities said. The suspect had left before police arrived.

The victim told police her boyfriend, Smith, had come over to her apartment uninvited and damaged the residence, according to an arrest report. Officers found the front door off its hinges propped against the wall. The victim said Smith slammed the front door so hard, it came off its hinges, authorities said.

Authorities found broken pieces of a chair from the dining room scattered around the kitchen and living room. The victim said Smith broke the chair on the floor and then struck her puppy, the report states.

While Smith was in the apartment, he made a mess of the victim’s makeup in her room, took some of his shirts and left, police said.

The total amount of damage done to the apartment came to $551, according to the report. Police also checked the puppy and “observed no injuries,” the report states.

Police later spoke with Smith, and he denied damaging the apartment or the puppy, authorities said. He told police he was upset with the victim because he had seen her at the pool with other men, so he asked his brother to go with him and get a few of his shirts, according to the report.

Smith also said the victim had thrown a party recently, and all her dining room chairs were broken in the process, police said. The door was also knocked of its hinges during the party, Smith said. The officer speaking with Smith didn’t believe his story because only one of the victim’s chairs were broken, not all of them like Smith had said, the report states.

The suspect was later arrested.

Smith’s first hearing is scheduled for June 26 at 10:30 a.m., according to jail records. Those same records state no bond has been set for him.

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