Police: DWI Offender Jo Jackson Arrested After Setting Driveway On Fire

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - Multiple DWI offender Jo Jackson is back in jail again after police say she set a driveway on fire Tuesday evening (June 23).

Jackson was booked into the Washington County Detention Center around 1:15 a.m. on Wednesday (June 24), jail records state. She faces charges of of reckless burning, public intoxication, resisting arrest and fleeing, her intake report states.

On Tuesday at 11:02 p.m., police responded to 2670 N. Valencia Ave. in Fayetteville for a call of a driveway being set on fire. Firefighters were already at the residence and said Jackson was sitting in the driveway near the fire when they arrived, according to an arrest report.

Fire personnel said Jackson fled into the garage and tried to shut the door when they arrived. The fire was contained when police arrived, but if firefighters hadn't responded, the flames could have spread to neighboring apartments, the report states.

Police said this is Jackson's third intentional burning in the last four days.

The report states Jackson's daughter went into the garage, and the two started verbally fighting. Jackson then became upset and tried to go inside the house before being stopped by police. Police noted in their report that an odor of intoxicants could be smelled coming from Jackson. Her eyes were watery and bloodshot, police said.

Her daughter said she had been drinking, and there was alcohol in the garage, according to authorities. Jackson told police the beverages she was drinking were not alcoholic, but she refused to take a portable breath test to show she hadn't been drinking, the report states.

Police asked Jackson why she started the fire, and she gave no response. She was later taken into custody.

Jackson has been arrested on alcohol-related charges several times since 2011.

She is being held without bond and is due in court Wednesday at 10:30 a.m., according to jail records.

For more on Jackson's arrest history, click here.



  • ugotthatrite

    “so she refused to take a portable breath test to show she hadn’t been drinking, the report states” DUH!! lol, blow into this so we’ll have the evidence necessary to convict you. oh, you refuse? resisting arrest!! and fleeing charge? what? fleeing firefighters? lol…talk about overkill!!! only law i see broken is burning without a permit…a written citation. maybe she should check into suing over her civil rights violation….seems she’s being targeted here

    • usarmyairborne

      Surely you jest, or do you? This woman is a danger to herself and those around here. All the charges against her are valid.

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