Southside School District Responds To Motion For Change

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - A controversial decision is looming at Fort Smith Schools. The district issued a statement overnight after a school board committe voted unanimously to ban Southside High School song "Dixie" and the rebel mascot.

The district posted a statement on it's facebook page following the school board meeting on Tuesday (June 24). Administrators discussed certain traditions at Southside.

Administrators said the committee decided to discontinue the use of "Dixie" as the school's fight song in the 2015-2016 school year. They also decided to phase out the use of the rebel as the school's mascot the following school year.

The statement then goes on to explain that decision saying that:

"The Rebel and Dixie have been used as the Southside High School mascot and the fight song since the school opened more than 50 years ago. The Board understands the challenges of changing what has come to be the tradition of the Southside High School community, and will work with the student body and staff over the next year to name a new mascot and fight song for the school."

While the board did pass the motion for change in last night's meeting. The decision is not finalized just yet. Ultimately, it's all left to the school board which will vote on the issue at next month's meeting. Administrators also said that meeting will be open to the public.




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  • Doris Scrudder

    Some people are so ignorant. The flag had nothing to do with slavery nor did the war have anything to do with slavery. Read your history the war was about succession from the union.
    From a Northside class of 1967 we had good history teachers

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