City of Cedarville Hires New Mayor

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CEDARVILLE(KFSM)- The town of Cedarville has a new mayor but not a police chief.

Mayor Mark Isenhower was appointed mayor on June 16th.

“The community needed a mayor,” Isenhower said. “What drew me to the position was I retired from the Air National Guard. I wanted to get involved in the community.”

Isenhower said his primary goal is to hire a police chief because the position has been open for two months.

“Sheriff Ron Brown has been gracious enough to have his deputies take calls that the citizens make,” Isenhower said. “We appreciate that very much.”

Besides hiring a new police chief, Isenhower said he wants to see road and fire department improvements.

Former Cedarville treasurer, Alicson Redding, was convicted of stealing city funds.

Isenhower said the town has a tighter policy to monitor the budget.

“We have followed all the recommendations of the audit committee, and we`ve implemented those,”
Isenhower said. “Basically, it requires more oversight, more transparency, and published and putting it out for all the citizens to see our monthly statements.”

Mayor Isenhower has lived in Cedarville for more than 20 years and said as mayor, it’s a day at a time.

“I spent 30 years in the Air Guard, and this is my first. if you will, government job outside the military,” Isenhower said. “I am learning and I`ve got a lot more to learn.”

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