Fire Station 2 Opens in Rogers

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ROGERS (KFSM) -- Fire Station 2, is new to Rogers, with a focus on response and performance time. In a business where seconds matter, relocating just a block has allowed the station to save between 20 and 30 seconds off every response that the truck makes.

"The relocation does two things. It allows us a lot more space, room not only for the current company, " said Rogers Fire Chief Tom Jenkins, "but also room to grow in years to come. That's the thing in Northwest Arkansas, you have to plan these things for the needs of today and try to anticipate the needs of tomorrow."

The busiest fire trucks in the city will be able to get the scene quicker at the new station, now that it's more centrally located. The new station comes with automatic doors, and each fire fighter even gets his or her own bed per shift. There is also an outside patio for cookouts, and a lounge and kitchen for firefighters to relax in.

However, the most important aesthetic is that the station acts as a safety blanket to the community.

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